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On-Page Content and SEO

seo target 400 clr 3359 SEO ServicesAustin Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Do you really understand the importance of On Page Search Engine Optimization? Despite all the promises of #1 rankings on Google these days, only a rare few companies in the industry REALLY know how to optimize your website for search engines correctly. Everyone will promise you the world, but few will stand behind their search engine optimization strategies like Clockwork Social Media. Our proven formula allows us to achieve fast results by getting websites ranked on the first page of Google in AS FAST AS 90 DAYS. That’s why we guarantee we’ll get your website ranked or we’ll work for free!

So what’s the secret? “Keywords and Content are Key!” Clockwork works closely with each of our clients to understand the ins and outs of each business so we can do extensive keyword research. This keyword research forms the building blocks of a solid foundation on which your company’s internet marketing strategies are based. If you have a faulty foundation in the sand, then even the best laid internet marketing plan is likely to fail. We then use these keywords to create inviting and relevant content to attract the customers your company needs to grow and thrive. And we don’t stop there. If you select our most comprehensive SEO plan, we will create fresh and unique content for your company’s marketing on a consistent basis to ensure it is constantly improving.

External Backlinking

arrows shooting upward 400 clr 7218 SEO ServicesOur goal at Clockwork Social Media is to help your company raise its visibility in the search engines so customers find you, not your competition. We do this, in part, by using proven backlinking techniques, such as Article Submissions, Blog Commenting, Forum Profile Creation, Press Release Submissions, Web 2.0 Submissions, Social Media Posts, etc. Think of these backlinks as a “path of breadcrumbs” that help people find your site easily. We’re different from other SEO companies out there because partner with our clients and put our money where our mouth is when it comes to our SEO services. As discussed above, our philosophy is “If you don’t get ranked, we don’t get paid!”, and we stand behind our results!

Backlinking Service Types We Utilize
Article Submission
Blog Commenting
Forum Profile Creation
Mixed or Multi-Tier Blasts
Press Release Submission
Private Blog Network Posts
Social Bookmarking
Social Signals
Video Creation and Submission
Web 2.0 Blog Posts
Web 2.0 Platform Submission
Web 2.0 Property Creation
Wiki Submission

You can see the SEO rankings we’ve gotten for some representative websites below. We have not listed the actual targeted keywords because we don’t want our clients’ competitors having an unfair advantage. – Page 1 of Google for 58 Keywords! – Page 1 of Google for 63 Keywords! – Page 1 of Google for 13 Keywords! – Page 1 of Google for 12 Keywords!

Video SEO

Video SEO Mass Action Award 198x300 SEO ServicesClockwork Social Media also has developed an award-winning formula in Video SEO. At the 2011 Digital Marketer Traffic & Conversion Summit in Austin, Texas, Clockwork won the prestigious “Mass Action Award” for ranking a video on the first page of Google in less than 7 hours. We use this knowledge to create informative videos that tell a compelling story, then we apply our Video SEO strategies to rank your videos in the search engines. Our Video SEO techniques can do more to promote your company than websites, social media or other internet assets because videos stand out! Just take a look at these examples and see for yourself:

Austin City Living Real Estate Halloween Party
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Video SEO Example 300x261 SEO Services

Texas Mesquite Tree Removal
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Video SEO Mesquite Tree Removal 261x300 SEO Services

We it comes to SEO services, Clockwork Social Media is the go-to company. Contact Us Today!