Social Media Marketing

Clockwork Social Media built its core business on its ability to be an outsourced solution for businesses when it comes to social media set up, optimization and management. Whether your company is trying to market itself through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn or any other social media channel, Clockwork Social Media will bring in its experienced, knowledgeable team to ease that burden from your company so you can concentrate on your core business. If you’ve tried to manage your company’s social media presence on your own, you can attest to the fact that social media is a full time job, and you need someone with specialized knowledge and contacts in the social media world who you can rely on to keep up with the day-to-day changes that occur. Let Clockwork Social Media be that solution for you.

Social Media Channel Set Up & Optimization

Kenichi Custom Facebook Page 300x159 Social Media MarketingWhen it comes to presenting your business on social media, you want to be sure that your branding is consistent with all your other marketing efforts. Clockwork Social Media will work with you to create and optimize your social media channels using customized photos, graphics, keywords, applications and other tools to be sure they attract the right fan base and keep them coming back to your social media sites for more and more information about your business. We can also work with you to create custom tabs on your Facebook fan page so you can capture leads or sell products or services directly from within Facebook.

Look at These Examples of Custom Social Media Channels Clockwork Has Created

Austin City Living Custom Facebook Page 300x156 Social Media Marketing

Click Photo to See ACL Facebook Page

Kenichi Custom Twitter Page 300x159 Social Media Marketing

Click Photo to See Kenichi Twitter Page

ACL YouTube Channel 300x272 Social Media Marketing

Click Photo to See ACL YouTube Page

Social Media Management

Setting up social media pages for business use is only the beginning – now you have to find the time to research the content and post the content to these sites. Having a resource like Clockwork Social Media to rely on for the management of your company’s social media pages is priceless. No business owner wants or needs to learn how to create and manage a following of thousands of fans on Facebook or how to “retweet” a story to their followers on Twitter. Clockwork gives business owners the confidence to know that their social media marketing is getting done, and also gives them the benefit of more time to focus their energy on the core business and creating more revenues. By having a partner like Clockwork Social Media, business owners can exponentially grow their company without having to hire the team of people it would take to learn and manage their social media channels.

Here are a Few More Examples of Custom Social Media Channels Clockwork Manages

Networking Austin Custom Twitter Page 300x247 Social Media Marketing

Click Photo to See Networking Austin Twitter Page

ACL Google+ Page 260x300 Social Media Marketing

Click Photo to See ACL Google+ Page