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At Clockwork Social Media we do our web design on the most highly used and most effective website architecture – WordPress. The WordPress platform is selected by many companies as the basis for their website design because it has tried and true tools built right into the website structure. Whether your company wants to include a blog, discussion group, polls, comments, opt in forms, contact forms, etc., WordPress gives you the flexibility to create all those website design attributes and even more. Furthermore, a website designed on the WordPress platform will be very user-friendly so you won’t need an MBA to manage it, and everyone in the industry supports it!

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Why Do Companies Design Templated, Free Websites that are Ineffective…. When They Can Build SUPER MAGNETIC SITES?

This is one of the questions we are asked most frequently, right before we are asked “How do your websites rank so highly in the search engines so quickly?” It’s a fair enough question, so we want to give you an answer about our web design philosophy. Here are the main points behind why we don’t recommend anyone ever use a templated, free (or very cheap) website.

1) You Get What You Pay For – I’m sure you’ve heard this saying before, and it’s especially true when it comes to web design. Your company could set up a free or very inexpensive website to market your business, but is a cheap website the first impression you want to give potential customers or clients? Clockwork Social Media’s professional website design will give your business the splash it needs to ensure potential customers want to do business with you. Our website design team has over 25 years experience, and we have designed websites specifically for converting web traffic into new customers. You will be proud of the look and feel of your website, as we will customize the website and graphics to fit your brand.

2) You Want to Maximize Your Return on Investment – You may not have to pay a whole lot – or anything at all for that matter – to design your own website using one of the many website-building templates on the market. However, the goal is not to build a website, but instead it is to get new business to your company once that website is up and running. Think of it in terms of a billboard, which is a more traditional form of marketing. If you could have the choice of buying advertising on a billboard that is on a major interstate highway in a highly-populated city or having your ads appear on a billboard that is in the middle of the desert where no one ever drives, it would be an easy choice, right? You would choose to pay more for the billboard in the city because that’s where people would actually see it and be able to take action. The fact of the matter is that most free, templated websites are so ineffective that they don’t rank well in the search engines. Therefore, they become like a billboard in the desert that no one ever sees – gathering dust and doing nothing to grow your company. This is why we recommend that businesses spend the extra money to build an effective website on a search-engine friendly platform, and they will see a much higher return on their investment.

Attorney Marketing Website Design 265x300 Web Design3) You Need a Customized Website to Showcase Your Brand – The templated websites are very limited when it comes to how your company can communicate its brand to potential customers. You don’t want your website to be limited to certain color combinations, graphics or stock photos that every restaurant, law firm or other retail shop is using to market their business on the internet. Your company should have a full range of options when it comes to designing its website. That is why Clockwork Social Media and our website designers go over a thorough questionnaire with you to determine your company’s design characteristics. We assist you in creating custom graphics and logos, custom pictures that communicate your company’s brand, and we tie all of this together with customized content that converts traffic into actual customers. Finally, we connect your company’s website with its social media channels to ensure your company has a consistent message across all its marketing avenues.

These 3 factors clearly demonstrate why your company should not rely on a free or cheap template when it comes to the “face of the company” on the internet. Your company’s website is the first thing most people will find when they search for you on the internet, and you want to be sure that their first impression is a good one. Our understanding and knowledge of this process is why companies rely on Clockwork Social Media for their Austin website design.

CLICK HERE if you would like to see some representative examples of the websites Clockwork Social Media has designed or assisted with the website design and maintenance.

If you would like more information about the technical list of features and web design services we can offer, then this is for you:

  • 25+ SEO Plugins Installed
  • Hosting/Domain DNS configured
  • Email configured
  • Header Art & Logo customized
  • Sidebar Opt-In Art customized
  • Sidebar Opt-In Data Capture Form, Complete CMS in WordPress.
  • Sidebar Opt-In Report Artwork.
  • 5 Stock photos
  • Video Player (mobile compatible)
  • Custom art
  • Content Install
  • Theme Manipulation
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Membership Plugin Installed and Configured
  • Marketing Copy
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Funnel Management
  • eCommerce Integration

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